An equipment screen for a fantasy role-playing game that aims to make all the effects that change a character's stats as clear and understandable as possible. This is not an whole game, just the inventory management component.

On the right, your Inventory, full of armor and weapons to equip.

On the left, your Equipment. Drag items here to wear them and gain their bonuses. (Right-clicking an item in Inventory will equip it, if you meet its requirements. Right-clicking an equipped item will send it back to your Inventory)

In the center, the Statistics panel which displays the totals of each of your character's stats. When you equip or unequip an item, the affected stats light up for a moment.  Click on the magnifying glass next to a stat to see a detailed breakdown.

At the bottom, the Details bar. Select a stat in the Statistics panel and the Details bar will split out all the effects that contribute to the total, both flat bonuses and percentage multipliers. Mouse over any segment on the bar and the source of that effect is highlighted, whether it's an item, or a base stat that effects a derived stat. (For example, each point of Strength increases Crushing Damage by 1%)

When a stat is selected, items in inventory will display a + or - icon on their top right corners to indicate that equipping that item will increase or decrease the selected stat.

A red X at the lower left of an item means your character does not meet the item's requirements, and can't equip it. When you hover an item over a slot, the slot will light up and display an icon to show whether or not that item can go into that slot.

At the top left of the item, zero to three bars indicate the quality of the item, which affects the size of the bonuses, and increases the odds for more and better affixes.

An item's tooltip lists all the bonuses it provide, and the change you will see in your totals if you equip the item. Requirements are also listed, and if your character does not meet any requirements, it also displays how much you need to increase each stat. 

The items, their base bonuses, the affixes, the requirements, and the odds of applying affixes and requirements, are data-driven, calculated from a spreadsheet.

equipment images are Public Domain CC0
created by Blarumyrran, Clint Bellanger, Crowline, and Justin Nichol

UI panels & icons are Public Domain CC0
created by

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