This is an entry for both PROCJAM and #7DFPS

You'll walk about Black Rock City,  site of the Burning Man festival, and try your best to re-create  some photos.  Identify the landmarks in the photos, find the right place to stand, and choose just the right angle.

The city layout, camps, and landmarks are all procedurally generated.

It's a first-person shooter in which you shoot photos.


WASD to move.

Mouse to look around

Hold SHIFT to move slowly and precisely

ESCAPE to see your score & exit the game

F to enter photo comparison mode.

In photo comparison mode, try to match your view on the left with the photo on the right. When you take a photo, you'll be scored on how well you match the other photo.

Left-click to take a photo

Right-click to get a new photo to copy.


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Hahha, fellow burner here. Loved this. I feel like it'd be kind of funny if there were a constant droning noise of wind-blowing-dust. I got a +98.33 on my view of the temple! :}  What inspired this ? Were you out on the playa and this just popped into your head?

I knew I wanted to photograph landmarks on a landscape & building a heightmap for terrain was tricky, but Black Rock City is flat and has a lot of landmarks, so it seemed like a good fit.

Cool! BRC also seems like a place of infinite interesting things to photograph, so seems like a great choice

this is so interesting! it has so much potential with a bigger and broader level design, but it does so much right now anywway! i love how patient it forces you to be, and i love how much detail you can put into every single photo


Thanks! I may be misunderstanding what you mean by a" bigger level design", but the player is 2 storeys tall and runs at 45MPH.  Shrinking the player to human size would make the city feel much bigger.