PROCJAM 2019 entry: Spaceship Wrecker 2 (based on Spaceship Wrecker from 2017)


  • Right-click & drag to move the camera.
  • Scroll wheel to zoom.
  • Left-click to launch meteor at the mouse cursor

This software procedurally generates spaceships made of components that depend on each other.  For example, crew quarters need air (from life support) and power (from generators). Life support and generators have their own needs as well.  Connections between modules are physical lines & pipes, criss-crossing the ship & attaching to anchors on the various modules.

Mouse over a component to see its name and what it's supplying to other components.  Left-click on it to smash it with a meteor! The meteor may punch through to the next component!  This starts a chain reaction of components losing power and going offline. Damaged engines and fuel tanks will explode, damaging adjacent components. The cables carrying resources between modules can also be struck and destroyed.

When you are satisfied with the destruction you've inflicted on that ship, press the "Generate New Ship" button to get a fresh, undamaged ship with a different arrangement of components.

Upgrades from previous version:

  • Spaceship is now in space, surrounded by procedurally generated stars
  • Crew quarters & habitable rooms are arranged around a central corridor
  • Connections are visible & breakable
  • Tooltips improved
  • Cleaner code under the hood

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